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Rockerman is a pirate on the Hunter Ocean. He is the captain of the crew The METALHEADS. He can also be found - very ocasionally - on Viridian and Cobalt, and on Midnight as Expelled. He has clocked about an hour on Viridian, and less than 10 minutes each on Midnight and Cobalt. If pirates catch him actually pillaging on Midnight - obviously as Expelled - he won't mind them hurling abuse at him.

In the game, he spends his time docktarting, pillaging, and spending all the money he's saved up since the last time he noticed he had any.


Past Crew Titles

Past Flag Ranks


Rockerman has forgotten when he started his pirate career, although he thinks it was some time in June 2006. He started the crew Rocking Revenge on November 3, 2006, which he left for Nemesis on January 3, 2007. He was promoted by the captain Dracowolfe who knew him in real life and had been a senior officer in his old crew. Rockerman then left when the crew dropped from a staggering 200 members to under 90 in a matter of days (it was later to merge with the Imperial Golden Dragons and joined The Smugglers Sect as a fleet officer. He was promoted on his second day in the crew. After some time in The Smugglers Sect he created his second crew, The METALHEADS. He then gave up on Puzzle Pirates for a while and The METALHEADS disbanded; however when Dracowolfe returned to the game they formed Nemesis Revolution, his third crew.

Alts on Hunter

  • Altrock (deleted)
  • Progrock (deleted)
  • Damnation
  • Swordsmanx
  • Whisky
  • Automatic
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