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DarkBlaze at a Glance
Hunter Ocean
Last Monarch Rockerman of Rocking Revenge
Member crew(s) Rocking Revenge
Dormant or disbanded as of 5 January, 2009

DarkBlaze was a flag on the Hunter Ocean.

Ye Olde Flag

The Flag

This flag was created soon after Rocking Revenge became established. Rockerman became king and quickly picked out two people to become royalty: Dracowolfe who is essentially the co-captain of the crew and Peglegpete who is the alt of Pegno, someone Rockerman knew from his old crew, Dark Seas.

Image Design

When Rockerman created his flag, he noticed that a few flags had their own images, and set about making one in Ulead Cool 3D. He wasn't happy with the old version and commissioned a new one from his senior officer Dracowolfe who found a nice GNOME background and based his work on that. The paw print logo is based on the GNOME logo, and the flag background is created from scratch using Serif PhotoPlus. The whole flag has been warped and placed on a cloudy background for effect, although the original flag (which is used as the official flag logo) still exists somewhere.[confirmed by Dracowolfe].

This second image is the current logo for the flag.


Brotherhood of Dragons, the flag DarkBlaze effectively spun off from, is entertaining various plans to blockade islands. DarkBlaze has no such plans, but is hoping to help Brotherhood of Dragons should the need arise.