Release 2015-09-29

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Be My Guest

From the Release Notes:
  • Adding seasonal content for October.
  • Adding 3 new interactive furniture items that can be constructed by furnishers:
    • Guestbook
      • Allows pirates to leave their name and a short message in the guestbook.
      • The owner of the guestbook can remove any entry, and pirates can remove their own messages.
    • Large Display Stand
      • The owner of the Display Stand can write a medium length message that will be shown when other pirates click on the furniture.
      • The owner can change this message as many times as they like, it does not affect the furniture age.
    • Small Display Sign
      • This furniture can be inscribed with a short message that will be visible to anyone in the scene; it doesn't have to be clicked on.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Pirate pages will now show the Gallery icon for pirates who are roommates in a Gallery.
    • Adding a separate note in the vessel logs when a pirate uses their personal PoE (rather than the vessel coffers) to pay for commodities.
    • Fixing a vessel log message that is created when commodities are lost because a vessel was abandoned.
    • The Radiant Phoenix feather will be awarded in colors other than red for future Gold Boxes.