Release 2006-11-07

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From the Release Notes:
  • Added brief pause at beginning of battle to allow dutiers to see their performance during the last league.
  • Duty reports more accessible:
    • Show the most recent duty report during a puzzle when paused.
    • Show the most recent duty report when NOT in a puzzle (in crow's nest, sea battle, wandering the ship) when you press "ESC" or "PAUSE".
  • Crew member list on crew pages now in three columns.
  • Treasure drop tables & challenges may now be unrated.
  • Blockade job offers may now be removed between rounds.
  • Raised maximum pieces of eight job offer per blockade segment.
  • Changed skelly furniture recipes - reduced white enamel, added chalcocite.
  • Reduce old salts chat-spamming the inns.
  • Pets may no longer be placed in crows' nests.
  • Time between skelly spawns randomized.
  • Jobbing pirates returned to crew pages.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed problem where pets were becoming stuck in scenes.
    • Fixed problem with crew page and dormant cabin people.
    • Fixed problem with showing top hearties on hearty list.
    • Fixed problem where free portrait mission sometimes whisked the user to the palace hall instead of a room with a portrait easel.