Release 2005-12-09

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Snow and Bug fixes

From the Release Notes:
  • Pirates and snow. You gotta love it!
  • Added a limited-edition holiday portrait background: "Under the mistletoe"
  • Non-subscribers will have their names turn yellow if they've played long enough.
  • Display a confirm dialog prior to setting a place as your 'home'.
  • Send an info message to a player when their rank is downgraded during booty division for not having the right badge.
  • Bugfixes:
    • In swordfighting, fixed display of new target after your targetted opponent was knocked out.
    • If you were alive at the end of a swordfight, your miniboard was shown as others see it. Fixed to show you the board as you see it, because that will cause us less bug reports.
    • Non-roommates will no longer see management controls and invitation requests.
    • Fixed a few TD bugs that have been cropping up especially in turbo or with holes: laggy players would not see the correct round, scores, etc.
    • Skelly missions will again correctly detect when the mission is completed.
    • Fixed certain bungalows to have the rooms in the right place (homes already in bungalows will not be fixed).
    • Fixed a longstanding mutelist bug that caused people you've unmuted to still be muted.
    • Fixed a bug that caused duplicate matey messages for some people.
    • Added some fixes that should help with problems of dismissing the wrong puzzle. This would happen when you were watching a game and your tourney game is about to start, and you click "dismiss", and it booches your tourney game.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a sword you no longer have to be shown when configuring a sword tourney.
    • When painting on a ship or in a shop and buying some or all of the paint on-the-fly, the money to buy the paint must be in the coffers. This is different from painting your house, where you must be holding the money. Altered the error message to indicate this.