Release 2005-11-03

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A few post-Halloween bits

From the Release Notes:
  • Swords and mugs are de-equipped upon logon if ye do not have the ability to equip them.
  • On doubloon servers, ye may now be promoted even if ye do not hold the right kind of badge. Of course, ye will not actually be able to enjoy the privileges of that rank...
  • Pending order and product quote tables are sortable by clicking the column header.
  • Fixed bugs with duty reports not showing up and the puzzle booching if an animation was going and the officer on duty set sail rapidly.
  • Tourney entry fees can no longer be larger than what the creator can afford.
  • Tournaments are defaultly configured to start all matches as soon as possible.
  • Fixed, for real, hopefully, striped clothing turning into rags.
  • Governed islands and owned shops are displayed on pirate info pages.
  • Buttons and pulldowns and such are no longer focusable, which will greatly fix strange UI blunders. Let us know if this irks you.
  • Added a /pay command to easily send pieces of eight to any online pirate.
  • Fixed the bug that caused roommates to sometimes not be able to enter a house.