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Redrumjack is currently a fleet officer of Ransack Marauders. He was formerly captain of the Coastal Cutthroats and has been in the crews of Death or Glory, Innocent, and The Cartographers.



Redrumjack & Chicklette

Redrumjack is the real-life Husband of Chicklette and is a citizen of Eta Island.

Redrumjack was found adrift in the Midnight Ocean around the Christmas of 2003. Jack floundered around for a time, joining this crew and that, until he found his sea legs and formed the crew Coastal Cutthroats. During this time, he joined the flag All But Malice. Shortly thereafter, he and his mates merged with the flag, Silver Dawn, where he has remained ever since. Titled as a Lord of the flag, he once served as interim Monarch in place of Spuggy, who abdicated the throne, he served for only a short time during a difficult period.

His eyepatch was obtained through assisting Rifkind of Nyx's Scions in an island offensive. He is often found wearing maroon and is known for his energetic enthusiasm. Jack can often found at the Poker tables in Midnight, awaiting the next conflict where he can make use of his less-savory skills.

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