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Spuggy sailed the Midnight Ocean



Spuggy was a well loved and respected pirate on the Midnight Ocean. He was an excellent diplomat, teacher and trusted friend to many. He was well known for his sense of humor and love of drinking in real life. In fact, he started the Goodness, I'm drunk thread on the main forums.

Spuggy started his pirate career as a beta tester and was a dedicated member of Easily Distracted. Even before he became captain, he was seen as a leader and vital member of the crew.

After Attesmythe's resignation, Spuggy was elected as the fourth monarch of Silver Dawn. Upon his initial election to the monarchy, Spuggy gave over the captaincy of his crew to Shizzo, in order to focus upon the demands of flag leadership. His reign was hard, as tensions were high in the post-colonisation flag and he was required to fill the shoes of the flag's most famous and influential leader. Spuggy did admirably. Unfortunately, real-life responsibilities forced his pirating time into the background, and he gave up the throne.

The transfer of power following his resignation prompted one of Silver Dawn's relatively few schisms. Though perhaps no one knows the whole story of what exactly happened, in the process of everyone trying to do the right thing, something went wrong. The fallout was slow, but resulted in Attesmythe's formation of Second Foundation, the leaving and subsequent disbanding of The Yellow Turbans, and Spuggy's joining of the then-fledgling Notorious Fandango, a path also taken by the crew Black Opal.