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Trophy-Gilded Egg.png Pirate Artist
Contributed in-game art by Raquaetta

Raquaetta is a senior officer of Midnight Pirates. She is also the current queen of the flag Show no Mercy.

Contributions and awards


Raquaetta first set foot upon Epsilon Island on the Midnight Ocean in early 2004, and has never really left ever since. She found the friendliness of fellow pirates very welcoming, and combined with the allure of finally being able to wear pink boots, she subscribed to Y!PP later that June. Within a year, Raquaetta was a frequent visitor of the docks of Alpha Island wearing her then trademark bright-pink outfit. She has stayed there ever since.

One of her favourite pastimes is, quite recognizably, collecting anything pink that she can find. This collection includes several ships, clothes and furnishings, including a fat piglet she named Twiglet. Another favoured activity is taking part in forum art events; most notably she was a winner of the Eggs Ahoy! contest in March 2006 for her egg design.

She is also an avid ship rename collector, her favourites being -- Pink Angel, Pink Sapphire Damsel, Smoking Barrelfish, Red-Hot Chilipepper, Bad Sushi and Mighty Banstickle.

In-game art