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Art:Eggs ahoy!

From YPPedia


During March 2006, Prometheus ran an Eggs ahoy! contest for egg designs to be used for in game furniture & portraits.


Winning Entries

Dcyborg's prize-winning egg

Art-Dcyborg-egg3.png Furniture-Dcyborg's prize-winning egg.png

Kathe's prize-winning egg

Art-Marskiel-egg2.png Furniture-Kathe's prize-winning egg.png

Kitt's prize-winning egg

Art-Kaalvoet-egg2.png Furniture-Kitt's prize-winning egg.png

Lexicon's prize-winning egg

Art-Lexicon-LexiconDul1.png Furniture-Lexicon's prize-winning egg.png

Montblanc's prize-winning egg

Art-Montblanc-egg2.png Furniture-Montblanc's prize-winning egg.png

Raquaetta's prize-winning egg

Art-Happymonkeys-egg1.png Furniture-Raquaetta's prize-winning egg.png

Rhodin's prize-winning eggs

Art-Benzene265-egg1.png Furniture-Rhodin's prize-winning egg.png

Art-Benzene265-egg3.png Furniture-Prometheus egg.png

Shazbot's prize-winning egg

Art-Shazwilky-egg2.png Furniture-Shazbot's prize-winning egg.png

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