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Raggedrobin's "Green Scream," done entirely in crayon. Click for larger image
Familiars Won

Raggedrobin has been sailing the Viridian Ocean since February of 2006, causing mayhem and enlightening random greenies ever since. Her first post was as a fleet officer in the Imperial Royal Navy, but she quickly left to start her own crew; The Invisibles. Shortly after, she founded the flag Delirium. She has since relinquished her captain's hat and merged with the Pogue Mahones, but remains as the Queen of Delirium, and can occasionally be seen docktarting on Lima Island or sailing her sloop "The Asylum" around the Jade Archipelago and drunkenly shooting at rocks.

Her life story has been the basis for a webcomic called Green Waters, penned by her alter ego Wonderlander.

Artistic endeavors

Raggedrobin penned an epic poem for Weeding's "Davy Jones Is Back!" event in May of 2006, and was awarded a sloop that would later become "The Asylum" as a prize for her poetic stylings with "A Night With Davy Jones."

She entered Apollo's "Pillaging Picasso" competition later that month, and though her generic attempt at pirating-up DaVinci's Mona Lisa for the "Photoshopped" half of the event fell quite short of any success, her crayon-rendered parody of Edvard Munch's "The Scream," ""Green Scream," took first place in the "created" category and earned her a green octopus named Cthulhu.

In June of 2006, Raggedrobin entered Saltake's "Comics & Co!" event, but failed miserably to achieve anything other than a cameo in Kingpriam's "Life Is Green" comic.

Not to be daunted, she immediately picked up a bowl and spoon to enter the Ultimate Avatar Iron Chef Tournament, and proceed to bake, fry, and toast her way into the final round, where after very nearly subjecting Bia and Hermes to food poisoning, she was given a bouquet of flowers for her troubles.

In July of 2006, she attempted to help Taco solve the mystery of the missing noses in the "Oh Nose!" forum contest, and proceeded to blatantly accuse every ocean master in sight. She was awarded a commemorative looking glass and an Eurydice doll for her enthusiasm, despite being absolutely wrong in her deductions.

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