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Qwedf is a pirate on the Hunter Ocean. He also plays on all of the other oceans, but not as frequently.

Postions and Crews

Qwedf started out as a cabin person in the crew - Epic -. He worked his way up to pirate and then officer. When his hearty Redspyke split from - Epic - to start a new crew called The End, he joined it and became an officer. Later, The End merged back with - Epic - and Qwedf reclaimed his officer position.

After the Pukru Island blockade, -Epic- seperated from Requited Desires and formed a flag named Varsity. Qwedf wanted to stay with his friends in Requited Desires so he joined Black Widdows as an officer. He later became a fleet officer but started crew hopping after this. He first went to Band of the Hawk and became fleet officer, returned to Black Widdows, then went to Odin's Demise where he was a pirate and returned to Black Widdows once again.

When Qwedf wanted to find a permanent crew to settle in with, he went to Changing Tides in the flag Veni Vidi Vici. He didn't really fit in there, so he went back to his original crew of -Epic- and started over at the rank of pirate.

Personal Achievements

  • Qwedf won a small swordfighting tournament with a couple of items as prizes including a bar, foil, bedroll, black bandana, blue boots, and a paintbrush. The real achievement here was that he as an able swordfighter, and became renowned after that tournament after defeating Manning (an ultimate swordfighter) in the last round in a best 2-out-of-3 style tournament.
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