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Familiars Won

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Won a tan monkey on Hunter in automated SF tournaments.
  • #1 Poker under alt Isfudead.
  • #1 Spades under alt Isfudead.
  • Trinkets from Swordfighting tourneys.
  • Trinkets from Drinking tourneys.


Manning was introcuded to Y!PP by his friend Seaturtle 7/10/04. He started on Midnight. Even though he didn't like to pillage, he loved Swordfighting and got the rank of Ultimate very soon. Manning decided everytime he reached "Expert" he would re-make his pirate.

He has been in many crews, some of these include: The Prophets, Roustabouts, Dioses Y Demonios and The Legends. Finally he settled for a crew, Angels' Forbid, which is now Maniac Cutthroats.

After deleting Manning once again, somebody took the name, and he started Daytona instead.

Months later the Hunter Ocean was released. He plays there now, and Midnight now and then. He can be found at a Brawl/Drinking table anyday.

Manning was a well-respected pirate and will be loved by much, however he hasn't logged on for a long while and is rumored to be banned from the game.

  • Notes- It's rumored that Manning is the younger brother of Russelcrowe.