Purvy Scurvy

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Purvy Scurvy at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Captain Sovereignty
Senior Officer(s) Bigbluefrog, Redkestrel, Starlite
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation PerfectlyEvilRedVexers
Founded 10 August, 2005
disbanded as of 19 May, 2009
Favicon.png Crew Info

Purvy Scurvy was a crew that sailed the Viridian Ocean. The crew used to fly the flag of PerfectlyEvilRedVexers. It was a social crew that kept its numbers small, rarely extending invites to other pirates.


Purvy Scurvy was founded on 10 August, 2005 as a large gathering of pirates who agreed that other crews take the game too seriously and stray from the "fun" aspect of the game.

By June of 2007 Sovereignty had left the crew and Sanity had been promoted to take over the captaincy.

Public Statement

Har Purvy Scurvy, the crew that's proud to be PURVY!

Har! This be the flag crew of P.E.R.V. we've got bawls.

We're quite happy with our flag and will not be changing it anytime soon.

Crew Articles

  1. If you leave during battle you will receive a -1. If any problems occur during the pillage be sure to contact, Sovereignty or another SO to discuss the problem.
  2. Our pillages are successful! This is due in part to our crew members experience! To help us focus and bring you duty please remain quiet during a battle and listen to all orders!
  3. We reserve the right to plank ANYONE! One order or you're gone!

Promotion Requirements

  • Cabin Person: Must wait til the end of a pillage. Ask any officer on the ship at port and ye will be invited to join the crew!
  • Pirate: Any pirate holding the Navy rank of Ensign will be promoted to this rank, simply let the captain know.

Note: Other ranks are all posted in the crew's private statement! Sovereignty reserves the right to promote/demote any pirates to whatever rank he feels best!

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