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PerfectlyEvilRedVexers at a Glance
Viridian Ocean
Last Monarch Sovereignty of Purvy Scurvy
Member crew(s) Drowning In My Sleep, Purvy Scurvy, Virtuous Sins
Founded 11 September, 2005
Dormant as of 22 April, 2009
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PerfectlyEvilRedVexers was a flag on the Viridian Ocean. It was founded on 11 September 2005.


PerfectlyEvilRedVexers is a small collection of crews, all of whose captains formerly served under the crew Purvy Scurvy. PerfectlyEvilRedVexers is an retronym of the word PERV, which the crew uses to describe their often adult-oriented conversations.

Public Statement

Perfectly Evil Red Vexers AKA P.E.R.V. We no longer sail the oceans. But we always remember what they meant.

***Retired*** We once sailed these waters, searching for more. Then we discovered, our boats found home ashore.

Live long and perv it up!!!

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