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Princessmg spends her time on the Emerald and Obsidian Oceans.



In 2005 Princessmg started playing on the Sage ocean on her original pirate Evilmg, although it was with real life friends she soon quit due to a having a dail-up interent connection. Due to the merging of the Sage and Hunter oceans and her friend still remembering her logon details, Princessmg ended up being captian of her original crew Hiltos Aboard on an alt.

Princessmg started playing on the Hunter ocean in November 2008 when she was bored after exams and felt like bilging, in January 2009 she joined The AA Crew where she eventually became captain. In April 2011 she decided to start her own crew from scratch and so Mg's Wenches was founded.

In March 2012 princessmg tried taking a break from the game and while she was gone her crew became rather dormant. In April Princessmg was asked by Squishat to join her newly created crew Cubelets.

Early 2015 Cubelets became too quiet so Princessmg decided to join Queen's Realm for a few months until several hearties asked her to join them in Blind Ambition, but when those hearties went dormant she returned to Queen's Realm who had now moved into Black Flag. In July 2016 Princessmg planned to temporarily leave Queen's Realm to help Pegasiswolf with her yearly Xmas in July event but the leave became permanent due to crew and flag issues. Princessmg moved into her alt crew Sugar and Cyanide in her alt flag Perfectly Reckless for some time away from everyone, but hearties Adelaidean and Zapa (who were also in Queen's Realm) refused to take no for an answer and ended up joining her. Queen's Realm ended up returning to their own flag The Swarm and In Janurary 2017 Princessmg decided to also move her crew into The Swarm, but left again around June due to personal reasons.

When Obsidian opened for beta testing Mg joined in on the fun and plans to continue to play both oceans.


Princessmg collects Trinkets, Ships, Familiars as well as globes and globe tables.


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Excellent Overall - Bilging, Sailing, Rigging, Navigating, Gunning, Carpentry and Patching
Furniture-Silver Pirate Trophy.png
Princessmg proved their mettle October Competition - Excellent in Overall October 21, 2017


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