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Piratecasey's Trinkets
Rose with card
To Piratecasey, for breaking my heart (literally) in a swordfight at the 2008 flag V-day party-Flood
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Piratecasey is a pirate on the Viridian Ocean

Piratecasey was born on April 28th, 2005 although the account he is on was born April 3rd, 2005.

Legend has it that his first crew was Royal Pillagers but there may have been one for a short time before it. After meeting Amberash, he knew at once he had a life long friend in her. Things would soon take a turn for the worse. Piratecasey, being an immature power hungry person left Royal Pillagers for instant gratification of senior officer rank in a no name crew that fell apart quickly.

He bounced from one crew to the next meeting a second close friend Xxtremexx and joined up with the very successful Xtreme Sailors. They never really got big and ran on the power of Xxtremexx's doubloon purchases. After Xxtremexx stopped logging in, the crew members united under Piratecasey as captain (his only time ever) of Rise of Brutality. The crew wasn't very successful and soon fell through much like all others in the past.

After having his pirate butt kicked in the puzzling world he bowed his head, apologized to Amber and returned to Royal Pillagers just in time for the formation of Imperial Coalition. With this flag, the new power on the ocean, Piratecasey felt his immature needs for power filled and was stunned when after a long blockade won Tigerleaf Mountain. Soon after this Piratecasey's outside world came crashing down and to escape this real life pain he found the aid of World of Warcraft. After his head was clear and his life back on track, some time around September 2007 he returned to his life as Piratecasey and his beloved crew Royal Pillagers.

Since his return he is loyal to Royal Pillagers and has started building his bank with no idea where he wants to invest his money. He is also very happy that Royal Pillagers is under the flag Brink of Dawn and they have taken Spectre Island.


  • Former captain of his own crew
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