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Piranne is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean.



Piranne was one of the Beta testing Pirates, born 31 august 2003 at Epsilon Island on Azure Ocean.

Her first crew was the Dastards where Duncan and Ursela ruled and her son Frizzan was Senior Officer in same crew.

When the Midnight Ocean opened Piranne joined a 2 persons crew Crazy Interceptors with a friend Normann.

Later she joined a crew where the captain's name was Cutter.

During that time she often jobbed for Uzi from Orange Revolution and Sea Dogs crew where Dittemuzz was captain and Queen of the flag X Marks the Spot. She ended up joining The Sea Dogs crew.

Later The Sea Dogs joined Equinox flag to be part of a political flag aiming for getting islands.

Short after that Piranne created the crew, Relaxing Pirates and the flag Sunny Places with Seattlebrian on May 29, 2004.

And in August same year more old Sea Dogs members wanted to leave Equinox and moved to crews in Sunny Places.

Piranne was also greeter in the old greeter system, that gave her the nice pink heart trophy.

Piranne is the proud owner of the ship "Fruity Basketfish". When Looseweed retired from Midnight Ocean Oct 29, 2006 he gave the ship to her with the words:

"Looseweed shouts, "Niceup 2 best friends I whole ocean: Sabata an Piranne."

Looseweed shouts, "A Piranne, givd I Fruity Basketfish."

Looseweed shouts, "Fruity Basketfish sloop givd Loose by MrsV from Avalon a thanksfi attackin Spring, snappin dem out dey shell. Historic boat in war!"''


Piranne lost her eye when Christiella wanted to give her an eyepatch as a christmas present and sank a sloop only for that purpose.


Piranne received a light green / Gold Parrot as a Christmas present from Jenjo a dear crewmate.

Jenjo gave the parrot to Piranne with those words, "after all the time and effort you've put into this game and making this crew and flag a nice place you sure deserve it!"

The parrot have now been repainted to gold-yellow.