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Duncan began playing Y!PP in the early stages of Alpha testing late in 2002. As consort and first mate of the fearsome Ursela, Duncan was a key player in the game's formative months and years. He and Ursela formed The Dastards, one of the first high-powered crews in the Azure Ocean, and were soon joined by other players of high skill and intellect.

Duncan was one of the first shoppe owners, owning and managing All Things Metal on Alpha Island through the end of Azure. He was the first governor in Azure, governing Epsilon Island and often boasts that he even named the Midnight Ocean.

In addition to being two of the game's more famous old-tyme pirates, Ursela and Duncan hold the distinction of being the first pirates married in an in-game wedding. The lavish ceremony, conducted by Cleaver, was held on the heretofore unknown Nuptial Island in the Pearl Archipelago following the Third Grand Tournament and an extended cruise with dozens of well-wishers on the enormous grand frigate Lovestruck Leviathan. Attendants were crew members Verna and Shadow.

Shortly thereafter, Ursela and Duncan's nonpixellated players married in real life.

Duncan formally retired at the end of Azure and is rarely seen on the oceans, usually as an event character.