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Christiella is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean.



Christiella first logged onto the Midnight ocean on December 10th 2004. He went through several greenie accounts, always as Christiella before deciding to subscribe on April 28th 2005.

His first crew was the Booty Bandits where Yaasoo and Chabs ruled. He quickly worked his way up to Senior officer, and when Yaasoo was forced to take a break from the game, became the Captain. He quickly realised that he loved the thrill of blockades, however he could not find the action he so desired with the flag of Booty Bandits and so in December of 2005 moved to the crew of Plank Club in the flag of Avalon under the guidance of Vulgarbeard and Mylusa amongst many others.

Christiella worked hard and by the end of 2006 had worked his way to a Senior Officer Position, with the added bonus of becoming a Prince of Avalon. During this time he realised his love for Blockade Navigating, taking part in such thrillers as Gaea against the flag of Blighted and the mass sinkathon's against Tyr's Own and Dies Irae in late 2007 and early 2008. He also governed Guava Island for a time until it was lost to Seraph's Nightmare.

After Spring Island was lost in what were possibly the 2 most expensive back to back blockades since the 5 round format was introduced Christiella took some time out of the game. Realising he had become stagnated he moved to the crew of White Rose and unexpectedly quickly became King (of Blood and Roses) where he enjoyed the new challenge.


Christiella has a wooden leg and a hook. He is currently engaged in a long standing race with Ryanne to claim his third injury.