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Omegademon is a senior officer in the crew Just for Fun, and a member of the flag Midknight Sun on the Emerald Ocean.


Omegademon was born on the Sage Ocean in the hot summer of June 2006. He quickly grew up and became a member of Spooky Devils. He worked his way up in the crew to become a fleet officer. Seeing that he had learned all he could from the crew and from the guidance of many of his other crew members he went on to become captain of the crew Apocalypse and king of the flag Legion of Doom in October of 2007. Many wars where fought and won, but alas Omegademon decided the captain's life was not for him. By July 2008 he had joined Curiosity Kills with long time friends Wasa and Captdave. Still not content with Curiosity Kills and the way they treated their members Omegademon for the last time changed his crew. Under the leadership of Aurorakim, Omegademon decided to join Just for Fun in late 2008. With his ships and his experience in battle navigation, he quickly went up the ranks and became a senior officer and strategist of Just for Fun. Today we might find Omegademon leading pillages or sea monster hunts all over Sage. He still resides with Aurorakim and Just for Fun and enjoys the company of the crew. He owns many different smaller houses but a Town House on Admiral Island is where he calls home.


More Info

Everyone knows him as Omega, if he is not on the notice board leading a pillage or Sea Monster Hunt, chances are he is on Admiral Island in his house playing poker.

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