Black Death tournaments

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Black Death tournaments (BD tournaments) are renowned for being the largest swordfighting competitions, in both pot size and number of players, ever held.

Before the luxury of automated tournaments, which were introduced in November 2003, the small crew of Black Death held mini-tournaments done completely by hand. Note that all the tournaments before the 7th Black Death tournament were held before the Gaea Bash I Rudder events, which immensely popularized the swordfighting tournament phenomenon. Twenty to thirty people in a swordfighting tournament was considered a large number of people in the early days. The 6th BD tourney smashed the tourney records with a massive fifty-plus people (almost double the previous tournament high). Only five tournaments have ever broken 300,000 PoE mark and only four tournaments have ever broken the million PoE mark.

The 9th BD tournament which was held August 13, 2005, and smashed previous records in tournament pot size (over two million past the previous high, at 6.35 million) and partipants (824 people entered; smashing the old record of 635). The 9th Black Death tournament marked the first time two familiars had been given away in a single swordfighting tournament.

The 10th Black Death Tournament, which took place on September 30th, 2006, broke the record for tournament pot size (7.01 million) and participants (874 people). The 10th tournament gave out a colored and tan familiar and for the series' first, featured donated trinkets.

The 11th Black Death Tournament, which took place October 27, 2007, was the first tournament to feature 3 familiars (2 colored, 1 tan). The pot was 3.36 million PoE.

The 12th Black Death Tournament took place on August 8, 2009. It was the first tournament to be donated five familiars. The pot was 5.24 million PoE. This was the first tournament in which the same person won the automated qualifier tournament and the overall tournament as well.

The first five tournaments were hosted between Petruski and Complicated, the 6th through 8th were hosted by Silverdawg, and the 9th BD tournament was co-hosted by Complicated and Silverdawg. The 10th tournament was hosted by Ravine and Zife. Zife hosted the 11th on his own, and Ravine hosted the 12th.

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