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Neofishey was captain of the crew Downfall and a member of the flag Vanity Rising on the Viridian Ocean. This pirate was orginally deleted due to inactivity in 2010.

Neo now sails on Meridian Ocean, as a Senior Officer of the crew Psychopathic Armada.


Neofishey first began playing Puzzle Pirates in 2005 on a pirate named Captainhark. He now sails Meridian as Neofishey after Captainhark got deleted due to inactivity.

Contributions and Achievements

  • #1 poker player trophy (2010)


Neofishey began Puzzle pirates in 2005 as Captainhark. He first sailed Hunter Ocean but moved on to Viridian soon after. Captainhark got deleted due to inactivity. After two years, Captainhark rejoined PP, as a new pirate, Neofishey.

Neofishey spends his time doing carousing puzzles such as Treasure Dropping and Poker.

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