Psychopathic Armada

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Psychopathic Armada at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Captain Moushu (Dormant)
Senior Officer(s) Cleverjay, Devontae, Sangsterman, Southsea, Westwind (ALL are dormant)
Politics Autocratic
Shares Jobber's Delight
Flag Affiliation Intoxicated
Founded 21 May, 2009
Dormant as of 6 January, 2017
Favicon.png Crew Info
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Psychopathic Armada is a dormant crew on the Meridian Ocean, flying the flag of Intoxicated.


The crew Psychopathic Armada was founded by Itsmemoshu in late 2006 on the former Viridian Ocean. Little is known of the first pirates in the crew. As far as it is known, the crew was started by Itsmemoshu and later gained its main members, Bugsbunny, Swordofmia, Swanseajack, Agostino, Roule, Destinationa and later on Neapaul and Maquis (who were known to always disagree on everything). It was recreated on 21 May, 2009.

Captaincy history

  1. Neapaul
  2. Moushu

Flag affiliation history

  1. Legion of Blue Hatchets/BlackBeards Succers (?)
  2. Pillars of Confidence
  3. Painful Redemption
  4. Intoxicated

Internal strife

The crew has had its ups and downs but stuck together till around October when fights broke out between the top members in the crew and with their leader Moshu inactive for weeks the crew began to rip itself apart. The sides were

  • Roule
  • Neapaul
  • Swordofmia
  • Bugsbunny
  • Agostino
  • Maquis
  • Swanseajack

The cause of this split was believed by some was because of the break up between Neapaul and Maquis which Bugsbunny supported Maquis and Agostino and Swanseajack followed while the others supported Neapaul.

The fighting came to be so bad that Bugs and his gang decided to leave the PA and start their own crew together, Roule and Neapaul Tried to run the PA but without a captain it slowly crumbled away. With only Des Roule and Neapaul left as the leaders they all decided to start a crew Named BloodLust lead by Neapaul. They made peace with Bugs and his crew/crews untill they started stealing each others members and fights broke out once again. It was then that Moshu came back and BloodLust merged with the PA and once again they began to grow and become strong, Roule,and Sword all went inactive leaving Nea and moshu to run the crew, after a few weeks moshu gave the crew to Neapaul and without a reason he vanished from the game for another month. When he returned Neapaul was done with the PA and Moshu and he left to join Damage inc. and soon after that left the game. PA lost all its members and after two years of fighting quietly died in November.

The Pyschopathic armada is back and going strong with the old captain Moushu Back with a whole new set of SOs vizenslimah densford cocomochacho

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