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Flag Title

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Crew Title


Nannafiffy is a pirate on the Viridian Ocean. She washed up on the shores of Napi Peak, Garnet Archipelago on October, 2007. She is an admiral in the Napi Peak Navy. She likes to go to the Cursed Isles. Her favorite puzzles are Swordfighting, Sailing and Blacksmithing.

Life as a greenie

Life as a greenie, for Nannafiffy, wasn't so hard... She had all the help and support she needed to survive in this world of pirates, landlubbers and mysterious sea creatures from her best friend, Chiara. She then contacted a member of Armada of Apocalypse and was made a member of this wonderful crew.


She is a lady of the flag The Wrath of Armageddon and senior officer and blacksmith of the awesome crew Armada of Apocalypse.

Owned Special Class Vessels
Emerald class sloop dock.png
Emerald class sloop
  • Untamed Hake
Frost class sloop dock.png
Frost class sloop
  • Cold Carp
Frost class sloop dock.png
Frost class sloop
  • Free Salmon
Inferno class sloop dock.png
Inferno class sloop
  • Searing Angelfish
Verdant class cutter dock.png
Verdant class cutter
  • Vibrant Gurnard