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May I ask why Moonlighting is still classed as a stub? It is no longer a stub in my opinion, I have spent a large portion of time editing this article so it is not a stub, yet it still contains the label. I expect, that since I edited it a few hours ago, that it would have been looked over by a moderator by now, and them having removed the stub label. If it still deserves the stub label, then can you please tell me why, so I can make changes to it. Thank you.

Cafc idol

You're right, there isn't a need for the stub anymore. Stubs are actually different than templates like {{cleanup}} (Usage) or {{vanity}} (Usage); once a stub has been properly expanded and becomes an article rather than a mere stub, you or any editor may remove the "stub" tag from it. No administrative action or formal permission is needed. You can read a bit more at Wikipedia:Stub, but it might be useful for the YPPedia to have a related article. Thanks for your work on the article; it looks very good! – Yaten talk 13:48, 4 October 2005 (PDT)

K, thanks Yaten. I knew that I could remove it, but I wasn't sure if I could without a moderator or administrator's permission. And your welcome, I felt that my flag had been a stub for too long =P