Moonlit Wake

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Moonlit Wake at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Captain Vampireseden
Senior Officer(s) Aboogaa, Aquilina, Darkaxegirl
Politics Democratic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Dies Irae
Founded 25 February, 2004
Dormant or disbanded as of 29 December, 2010
Favicon.png Crew Info
Crews-Moonlit Wake.jpg

Welcome to Moonlit Wake! Their duty is to their crew and their flag, a duty which they remain loyal to.

Public statement

They are a hearty, close-knit crew, with enough love and respect to keep you laughing wherever you may go. They always welcome new recruits, so if you want to join them, just ask one of the officers and they'd be happy to invite you.

Pillage they do best, and that includes PvP. They're known to only disengage with allies and never to run from a fight.

But be warned, laze aboard their ships and you may find yourself walking the plank without booty!

So watch out Midnight, they're rough, tough and ready for some plundering!

If you've just joined, welcome to their family, but don't get too caught up in the game; have fun, try not to forget real life and of course, make plenty of PoE.

Rank prerequisites

Cabin Person: Automatic when you join the crew.

Pirate: Subscribe.

Officer: Have started or completed officer training and have all sailing puzzles at a minimum of broad. An existing officer or above must have recommended you for promotion.

Fleet Officer: Have completed officer training, have all piracy puzzles at least broad and show loyalty to the crew and flag. An existing senior officer must have recommended you for promotion.

Senior Officer: Show your undying loyalty to the crew and flag, be trusted by the senior officers and captain and show leadership qualities. This position is assigned at the captain's discretion.

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