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Monkala is a friendly, hard working captain of the eastern aces on the Hunter Ocean. He has a row house on Pukru Island and welcomes visitors and guests.

He also owns a trusty cutter, which he generally keeps at Pukru. He uses this ship often and it has won many a battle for him.

Monkala had humble beginnings as a pirate of the Skull Bashers and then -Frozen-. Then he went on to be an officer and then fleet officer in the untamed Shrews. After meeting some new friends, Bekkyjo and Spongeboby, Monkala joined the Cavern of Dreams and was a fleet officer there for a few weeks. He then met a new friend, Commard, and joined the Polish Wolves as a senior officer. This crew then turned into the Black Knights.

Later he made enemies with his former friend Commard and left to join Nemesis and another friend Dracowolfe, where he quickly became a senior officer and was happily settled in that crew and was a lord in the flag Dark for a while.

Soon after all this Monkala made his own crew known as the East India Trading Corp and flag The Sea Of Riches.

Recently Monkala has joined his sister Laylaa's crew and is now a senior officer and one of the top in charge of the new, powerful and quickly rising crew Wreak havoc.

After realizing a life of fame was no longer for him, Monkala left behind the sea of riches and wreak havoc and now owns a little crew based on elite pillages and his favorite thing in the world - poker.

as of resent monkala has dissappeard and has left his way to his son known as Sonofmonk who sails the high seas in plac of his father



  • Captain of Eastern Aces
  • Senior officer and one of the 2 top in charge of Wreak havoc
  • Former captain of East India Trading Corp
  • Former senior officer of Nemesis
  • Former officer of Skull bashers
  • Former pirate of Skull bashers
  • Former pirate of frozen


  • King of The Sea Of Riches
  • Former king of Kampf fur shatz
  • Former lord of dark
  • Former member of dark

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