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Minor Game Design annoyances (Idea Links)

From YPPedia

  • Most of the Annoyances which have been fixed should have been removed from this article


The original thread

Audible alert for /pay

Badges which last longer than a month



Rehome button

Sliders to show current scrolled position

While paused, you should be able to toggle between "Show my board" (like normal pause), "Show score" (current blockade), and "Show the blockade board full client" (like crow's nest)



Be able to delete chairs from stalls

Exiting a stall brings up a menu of destinations including the stalls and the entrance hall

Hide stalls which have gone dark in the stall listing

Fort and palace

Ability to upgrade forts and palaces on outpost and medium islands to sell charts

Make the palace shoppe purchase message less generic


Record cut of sales tax in building records


Ability to mark furniture as common property so that any housemates can move it

Entry/exit messages

Estate balcony arrow direction problem

List of people who are in the house

Swap order of roommates without having to remove and readd

Shoppe and stall

Adjust prices by more than 32767

Check current wage offers if you have already have a job there

Commit pricing changes before client times out

Commodity trading screen

Highlight own, crew or flag shoppes or stalls
Set prices from
Show which commodities are below minimum levels
Streamline to reduce the amount of screen swapping. Also don't enforce sell price > buy price until the window is closed

Labor report screen

Show total cost per labor type


Bid tickets changing to filled
Filter by text searches for entire words
Delivering orders
Taking or quitting jobs
Scroll with keyboard

Many interface limitations

Minimum coffers

Non-managers see order queue


Auto-deliver on completion
Auto-scroll to next item when delivering abandoned orders
Managers pay both labor and sales tax when placing
Ordering interface
Selecting comparison shoppe resets the order panel state
Show exact amount which would be refunded from a cancelled order


Consistent order for listing commodities in recipe and trading screens

Show actual changes for commodity pricing modifications in building records

Tailor rack sorting bug for particular clothing items

Weavery commodity list order fix


/emote used when the current chat mode is Tell sends the emote to the scene/chat circle


Mute building chat

Option to automatically default to last used

Send the auto-response once then not again until it is changed or the recipient doesn't send a tell for at least 5 minutes

Log invites, jobbing invites, trade and hearty requests


Don't respect gender

Use capitals at the start of sentences


Inventory tabs should be collapsed upon log in

Make gold cloth look gold rather than dark yellow

Order and name fix-ups

Under miscellaneous folder

White looks gray

Colonization and governance

Governor's placing buildings interface needs a cancel button


Alphabetize the list of titles


Easier to use line breaks


Eliminate disconnect message except when aboard ship

Mute to prevent display


Version to apply to hearties also

Dock interface / "Where are my vessels" screen

More convenient way to access the "Where are my vessels?" screen



In palace


Should indicate the poe value of the transfer and the ocean, not only the pirate name

Trading window adjustment


Shopkeeping occupies a large amount of time yet does not contribute


Cannot edit posts older than 180 days

Clicking the first unread post link doesn't update the page number

Grammar of profile option to not show email address

Move to next private message after action taken on current one

No method to easily display unformatted text

Preview loses submitted information if there's a problem with the connection/webservers


Results should strip out formatting tags which don't get rendered anyway


Sort the results by date

Start when enter is pressed

Tab key should switch focus to the preview button while editing a forum post

Wrap long thread titles


Mouse-over shows lamp color


/pay option from hearty list

Indicate heartied flagmates when they log in


/afk default message

/cwho should provide information about your crew

/rwho shows online royalty in a flag


DND status

/who <piratename> should tell you where someone is on an island, if you're also on that island

/yellow command for additional accounts on Doubloon Oceans

Capitalize the Ocean in the /info command reply

Changing crews messes up the portrait displayed on the pirate info page

Flag names in crew PvP records

List of houses owned or are a roommate in

Make the vessel tab stickier so that the "OMG you've been playing too much" and jobbing notifications do not pop-up over it

Pin Ahoy! tab items

Pirate names on issue screens should be links



Can no longer click on them to get a radial menu

Replace the minimap with quick links

Should be able to edit the news from anywhere on the island

Jobbing noticeboard

Button for /vwho per entry

Highlight an entry to help tracking it when new entries appear




Don't whisk unless the pirate is actually going to change scenes


Attempting to take the helm on merchant brigs tells the pirate they need to take advanced missions to do this

Bring back the navigation origin and destination for the right hand side display


Battle and duty navigation stats icons are the same
Higher navy rank should grant the ability to order them to stations on any sort of navy mission
Idle ones should return to duty stations even quicker

Set sail button for navigation

Sidebar the basic ones once the generic duty one is available

Tabs for

Mute status visible everywhere

Navy ship paint color should match navy clothing color


Certain clothes combinations end up looking like your pirate is picking their nose

Female ponytail has bangs but not in the portrait

Option to show eye expressions with and without an eyepatch


Alert before they start


Current brawl table moving up and down in lobby display


Colors on mouseover
Sword type next to pirate in lobby screen

Double rotate piece key


Chainsaw brigands should show some activity in their miniboard
Use the same sequence of breakers as players

Reduce games in the brawling lobby display which have started to only as big as required to show the number of pirates taking part

Scroll the target list to keep the current target visible


Opponent has the option to meet your challenge using (a copy of) your sword / mug

Pressing enter after setting a wager amount doesn't "push" the OK button

Client should show when you're disconnected from the server while in a puzzle

Don't give focus to text input area on exit



Low-level is completely different to high-level


Let lower levels have longer runs

Distinguish lazers from disconnected pirates at duty stations

Explicit pause stops both the "idle contribution" and the "too much time, score zero" factor


Eliminate partial pre-loading exploit
Keyboard controls

League point warning


If it was paused when a league point was reached, then it should remain so until unpaused
League point memorized alert


Simultaneous clear piece sound effects are too loud

Re-entering puzzle within the same league penalty

Parlor game


Unrated option at table

Rematch option

Treasure drop, brawls and drinking


Piece designs should have skull rings, gauntlets, etc

Sea battle

Alert for PvP

Auto-sails shouldn't default to producing straight move tokens

Battle nav interface improvements

Placed moves and shots should stay until the end of move 4, rather than being blanked at the start of move 1


Boarding queue which immediately replaces any pillagers who leave

Booty division persists over port/deport

"Collapse" buttons for minimap and/or current ship info

Delete the drinking table on merchant brigs just like the brawl table

Jobbing notices

Disabling receiving

Disappear from everyone's screen when accepted or rejected


New notices appear at the bottom of the Ahoy! tab

Only appear for officer posting offer

Permission to board

Deed holder permitted to board locked ships; others require an invite

Hiring jobbers enables ship as a whisking target on log on

Recenter the screen when moving to a new duty station

Scene change arrows should be useable everywhere

Scroll the ocean (minimap) view using the mouse

Show lock icon regardless of rank or badge

Whisking to duty stations from a menu


Occupying chat circle positions

Change the message for the first player to join the fray against skellies

Tax finished commodities only


Viewing own from radial menu


Ability to see pattern of the "random sword of this type"

Better interface to set up everyone uses the same type of sword which is in the prize pool

Change payout option of cascading arithmetically to read cascading harmonically

Entrants' names are hyperlinks to their pirate info page

Mouse-over for standing and experience pop-up

Fast way to scroll down to where you are on the details screen

Mouse-over portraits shows rank in pop-up

Rank restrictions

Sticks do not have random patterns and should not be announced like that

Warning when the Dismiss puzzle button is pressed during a tournament

Withdraw from one which has started

User interface

Arbitrarily resizeable windows

Automatically attempting to join a chat circle when performing a trade causes lag

Change error message for /pay amounts less than or equal to zero

Chatlog save file name should have an optional default .txt extension

Chat stops scrolling in shoppe and trading interfaces

Consistent button behavior for minimap destinations, ship board / disembark

Default "None available/found" text while waiting for the server

Entry/exit arrows show up when alt is pressed or have them always visible when the new pirate extra help option is selected

Grammar of single whisking potion dose remaining pop-up message

Market bidding and commodity trading screens

Input focus loss when the server refreshes data

Insertion point movement weirdness

Mugs and swords do not list their colors the way clothing does

On the Ocean selection screen pressing escape does not cancel

Page up and page down keys scroll both the Trade Commodities window and (history for the) chat window

Paint window

Obscures some painted areas of rooms in houses

Should stay up after one paint job is done

Parlor table popup in back room of inns has exclamation point while drinking/brawl tables do not

"Pizza reminder"

Customizable timer

Popups obscure controls

Remember destination if possible when changing destination type in transfer commodities screen

Retain collapsed or expanded state of inventory tabs over log out

Rumble challenges are always free message

Windows don't appear to retain state when additional ones are requested over them and then dismissed

X on upper right of Arrange Furniture screen to cancel changes

Wear and tear

Indicate how many days are left before dusting


Go to work button

From labor report to places of employment

Ye known world is not mouse drag scrollable

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