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Enlisting in

Helping in blockades

Longer puzzling sessions

Never porting ships (i.e. unbounded puzzling sessions)

Remove shorter routes

Slower ships


Allow more pirates to simultaneously play the gunnery puzzle

Atlantis, Cursed Isles, flotillas

Don't spam the abandoned station message for gunnery

Less time spent at league points and porting/deporting

Navigation / attack brigands

Already memorized routes don't appear in list of navigation missions

Choose navigation mission route to memorize

Delay before course charted to allow checking of memorized league points

Inviting others on defeat brigand missions

Larger ships than sloops

As navy rank increases
Paying for the privilege

Memorizing routes is not a bug/exploit


Better Sailing puzzle standings
Won't stay at their stations

Set sail button


Order to stations by players with high navy ranks

Return faster to stations when moved by a player

Practice blockades

Treasure haul

Points spent at navy clothing shoppe


Higher gives greater pay


Reward clothing which does not decay