Midnight Mutineers

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Midnight Mutineers at a Glance
Cerulean Ocean
Last Monarch Sirblowfish (Left the Flag with Crew) of Black Rainbow
Member crew(s) The Leviathan's
Founded 12 March, 2009
Abandoned as of 31 January, 2012
Favicon.png Flag Info
Flags-Midnight Mutineers.jpg

Midnight Mutineers was a friendly flag on the Cerulean Ocean originally of the Midnight Ocean with lot to do. It was founded on March 12th, 2009. This flag was previously named SBH flag. It is current a defunct flag.

Public statement

Ahoy and Welcome to Midnight Mutineers!

Extended public statement

WE LOVE PILLAGING!! If ye would like to hire on, please ask any officer or above and we will bring ya aboard! We pillage frequently and you will rarely see us on shore! One thing that you will not find in this flag is politics!! We are a happy lot and wish to remain so!!

ahoy weekly pillages sunday at 8pm PT and wednesday at 6:30pm PT all is welcome to attend this flags piilages thank you Captain Swordsir

Shoppes and stalls

As well as being successful pillagers, the pirates in Midnight Mutineers are also successful merchants! Members are encouraged to support their fellow flag mates and take a job at and buy from the shoppes and stalls listed below.

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Type Name Island
Icon apothecary.png
Azuron's Apothecary Stall Epsilon Island
Patima's Apothecary Stall Wrasse Island
Icon distillery.png
None n/a
Icon furnisher.png
Swordsir's Furnishing Stall Cnossos Island
Soulblader's Furnishing Stall Zeta Island
Icon iron monger.png
Adalicious' Ironworking Stall Turtle Island
Adrielle's Ironworking Stall Alpha Island
Berclay's Ironworking Stall Oyster Island
Swordsir's Ironworking Stall Park Island
Icon shipyard.png
Patima's Shipbuilding Stall Ostreum Island
Ravenmoore's Shipbuilding Stall Ostreum Island
Swordsir's Shipbuilding Stall Oyster Island
Swordsir's Shipbuilding Stall Park Island
Icon tailor.png
Bashana's Tailoring Stall Turtle Island
Faolonhawk's Tailoring Stall Turtle Island
Ravenmoore's Tailoring Stall Zeta Island
Swordsir's Tailoring Stall Park Island
Icon weavery.png
Patima's Weaving Stall Wrasse Island
Ravenmoore's Weaving Stall Zeta Island
Swordsir's Weaving Stall Oyster Island