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For the pirate Malorie on the Sage Ocean, see Malorie (Sage).
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Malorie is a pirate on the Viridian Ocean.


Who is Malorie?

Malorie is a docktart, a crewmate, a sea monster hunter, and an expert treasure drop player, but mostly a docktart. On an average day, the majority of her time is spent at the lima docks, and her time is also spent at her or a friend's house, maybe going on a sea monster hunt, or planning/hosting a PWNS summer club meeting.

Her current activities are hosting her club and making youtube videos.



Malorie was created on January 6th, 2007. While Malorie was a new player, she was no greenie. She had discipline, knowledge, and quite a few friends who provided her with nice clothes.

Over the course of a few months, doubloons were bought, along with row houses, a dog, and some very own clothes for herself. She also made many friends and learned the art of docktarting.

Living Easy

Holiday 2007, Malorie bought 500 dubloons. There were quite a few changes she planned to make. First of all, she changed her hair from straight to curly (which was reccommended by all her friends). She also bought several luxuries such as a black/pink outfit, labor and parlor badges, and several nice pieces of furniture. As quick as the dubloons came, they were gone. After two very important people to her left the game, she began to find the game boring and left.

Coming Back

About three months later, she came back. Several of the items she bought had crumbled, but she still had enough to sustain herself from buying dubloons for a while. At that moment, Malorie was trying to start Sword and Taylor, a clothing store in her room where new players can buy clothes (bandanas, shirts with belts, etc.) in fashionable colors. Of course, she eventually found it silly and closed the store.


A bad experience with an overly strict crew in the past had left Malorie slightly wary of crews. She hopped from crew to crew for a while until she joined Elite Corsairs (maybe in a merge). Through this crew she met several of her current friends, including Jordijane, Princessemm, Smittyvonda, Macio, and Orbsus.

Spring 2009

In about February, she left the game again (probably spring fever) for three months. Late May was her return.



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