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Magh Tuireadh

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Magh Tuireadh at a Glance
Meridian Ocean
Last Monarch Seamusmclir of Manannan's Seawolves
Member crew(s) Manannan's Seawolves
Dormant or disbanded as of 27 July, 2013
Magh Tuireadh at a Glance
Cobalt Ocean
Last Monarch Seamusmclir of Manannan's Seawolves
Member crew(s) Manannan's Seawolves, Magh Tuireadh Navy
Founded 2 July, 2007
Dormant or disbanded as of 23 April, 2010
Magh Tuireadh at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Seamusmclir of Manannan's Seawolves
Member crew(s) Manannan's Seawolves, Magh Tuireadhan Navy, Cerridwen's Hawks, Belisama's Salmon
Dormant or disbanded as of 21 May, 2006

Magh Tuireadh is a flag on the Meridian Ocean.

Public statement

We are Magh Turieadh, being named for one of the great battlefields of Irish/Gaelic History. We pride ourselves on discipline and regiment within our crews, without losing the joyful experience of playing. We support the idea that Y!PP is a viable Role-Play environment, and seek to expand that experience within it.

We only expand from within, each crew being a branched-off member of another crew. Through this method we will maintain our methods and ideologies, while still giving room for individuality. One thing that stands out in Magh Tuireadh is the pride of belonging. Our numbers may be small, but they are proud and fiercely loyal to the Captain and Monarch they serve.

Magh Tuireadh does not enter into alliances lightly, and those that we enter into an alliance with can expect to have strong allies who will watch for their enemies' friends' friend, and have no commerce with them. Those who count themselves amongst the enemies of Magh Tuireadh can expect that they and their allies will be mercilessly pursued.

Each crew under Magh Tuireadh has a crew uniform, and presents a unified appearance in all formal occasions.

The articles of Magh Tuireadh

Those Crews that would sail under the Flag of Magh Tuireadh must first agree to abide by the base articles of the same. These rules govern the basic guidelines which members of the attendant Crews are required to conduct themselves.

The complete Articles include the conduct of the Crews that will serve under the Flag, including their responsibilities to the Flag. The ones below are those most pertinent to the individual members of the Crew.

The Articles

1 ~ Magh Tuireadh be a roleplay oriented crew, as such ye shall remain piratey, stowin' landlubbin' speak for the crew channel.

2 ~ As such, yer pirates name must be a 'real name' with no titles or nicknames, unless ye first verify it with the Captain, providing an in-character reason for havin' it.

3 ~No officer of any of the crews may have an alt that is of rank officer or higher in another crew, if ye aspire t'officer, ye shall have no alts at all.

4 ~No member of any of the crews may own a personal ship, nor own or manage a stall. They may, of course, purchase ships and keep them on an alt.

5 ~ The Flag refers to it's pirates by a name other than the game given rank. Jobbers are referred to as Swabs, (not to be confused with the white name swabbies), Cabin Persons are referred to as Seaman, Pirates are Mister, Officers are Ensign, Fleet Officers are Lieutenant, Senior Officers are Commander, and the Captain, of course, is the Captain. Ye are expected t'refer to anyone of superior rank by <rank> <name>.

6 ~ Each rank has it's uniform, which can be found at a link provided by it's captain. For example, Manannan's Seawolves: [url="http://quidproclothes.com/galleries/22790"]here[/url]. The newly recruited get their first uniform at the expense o'the crew, but are expected to maintain their uniforms after that. All ranks above Cabin Person are responsible for their own uniforms. Uniforms must be worn aboard any ship in the Flag, failure to do so will result in a planking. The Captain or Monarch may, at theirsdiscretion, require uniform dress at certain Crew/Flag social events.

7 ~ Continuing on the theme of rank, promotion within the Crews of Magh Tuireadh is based on knowledge and dedication, not mere skill. There are Exams for each rank, as well as practical tests on the ocean. Until such a time as all requirements for a given rank have been reached, promotion will be withheld. This holds in Magh Tuireadh's goal of holding it's members to a high standard.

8 ~ Yer [url="http://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Labor"]labor[/url] belongs to the crew and flag, should the Captain or Monarch so declare, all members of the crew are required to take a job at the stall he indicated, and quit all other jobs they possess. Crewmates are still allowed to actually play the labor puzzle at any stall, even for pay, but may not Forage outside of Expeditions and [url="http://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Cursed_Isles"]Cursed Isles[/url]. If no standing orders are issued regarding work at a stall, any pirate may work where and how they like.

9 ~ Aboard any vessel, Flag, Crew, and non-crew alike, the Commanding Officers word is law. When ye board a vessel, ye greet the Captain, thank him for taking you aboard, and ask what station he needs you on. If he asks you to change stations, you change stations. You stay on for no less than three sea battles or to port (And do not board unless you can fulfill this requirement.) Whenever possible, you will stay aboard the voyage till it ports. You will not laze, line out, or behave in a manner unbecoming a Wolf. If you wouldn't do it/say it in front of the Captain, then don't do it there.

10 ~ Before boarding any Crew or Flag vessel, ye are t'ask permission t'board in crew chat, and not board unless the Commanding Officer of that vessel gives clearance. Pestering the CO of the vessel for permission to board until he does it is entirely acceptable provided you don't spam them. It's their responsibility to respond. If the answer ye receive is no, no further inquiries can be made.

11 ~ Registration at these Forums is not voluntary, and must be done within the first week of a pirates membership in this Flag.


Magh Tuireadh was a flag on both the Midnight Ocean and the Cobalt Ocean. The Midnight incarnation was founded on December 16, 2004, and ported in Hephaestus' Forge. The Cobalt incarnation was rebanded in June of 2007. Known for its singular focus, strict rules, insistence on piratey roleplaying and Goidelic (Irish) identity, it has had its equal share of allies and enemies.

Magh Tuireadh was disbanded in March of 2006 at the request of it's King and Captain, Seamus McLir, as relations with Seraph's Nightmare, the governing flag of Hephaestus' Forge, strained to the point of war; this, along with personal problems amongst many flagmembers and the growing pains of two still-young crews that branched off from the original, proved too much for the flag to bear.

The crew disbanded on May 21, 2006, with the few who wished to continue to stay together creating the crew Eiru's Legacy. This crew also went dormant, with many members joining other crews, such as Celach of Death or Glory or Sloopie of US Navy.

As suddenly as the crew disbanded, several crew members including the former captain appeared, showing interest in recreating the flag on Cobalt. The maiden voyage of the new Magh Tuireadh was in late June 2007.

If you have questions regarding the fate of the flag and crew members on Midnight, please send a /tell to Edana McLir or Filidamhsoir.

The name Magh Tuireadh means 'Plain of Pillars', and referred to two great battles waged by the Irish gods, the Tuatha Dé Danann, and specifically the battlefield on which the battles took place.

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