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Nuada Airgetlám
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Seamusmclir (Seamus McLir) is a pirate on the Meridian Ocean, though he originally sailed on the Midnight Ocean. He is captain of Manannan's Seawolves and king of Magh Tuireadh.

Contributions and accomplishments

  • Oct 2004 - Established Manannan's Seawolves under the flag Dead Reckoning, by order of King Blackbran, captain of No Quarter.
  • Dec 17, 2005 - Magh Tuireadh hosts Christmas event.


He originally sailed under Blackbran in the crew No Quarter, under the flag of Dead Reckoning. Quickly rising through the ranks, he was approached by Blackbran and told that due to his presence causing disruptions in the chain of command, he would be asked to start his own crew under the flag.

It wasn't long before a rash decision led to the deletion of the original Seamusmclir, but he quickly returned and started the crew Manannan's Seawolves, with his first mate Pyn. The usual state of affairs regarding promotion and training in other Crews not meeting his satisfaction, he created a new culture within his own of rigorous training, expectations not centered on game stats, and a singular devotion to the success of the crew.

Not long afterwards he established the flag of Magh Tuireadh with the intent of staffing it with crews built from within according to his own training and selection methods. The flag grew to a goodly size, and at one point had 4 crews spawned from senior officers within his own.

He has returned several times to the oceans, each time attempting to regain the glory of the first days on Midnight, and most recently is seeking to do so on the Meridian Ocean, taking advantage of it's greater size and active pirate population to find those suited to his ways and means.

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