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Luckyshot is a pirate on the Midnight Ocean.

Quick information/accomplishments

Brief history


Luckyshot entered into the Midnight Ocean as a subscriber in December 2004. He sailed around for a bit learning the ropes of puzzling and then was recruited into the crew Steel Magnolias of the newly formed flag Phoenix Reborn. Here he learned how to become a better pirate, working up from pirate to officer and later senior officer in Steel Magnolias. During this time he avoided most ocean politics and focused on the personal connections between fellow crew and flag mates. Eventually he was given a title within the flag Phoenix Reborn and settled into the beginning of his entry into Midnight Ocean politics.

After a year in a half with Steel Magnolias, he felt it time to strike it out on his own and was joined by two other members of the crew in forming the crew known as First Class Pirates in February of 2006. The crew then in March of 2006 joined up with the flag Cold Steel where Luckyshot and First Class Pirates remained until August 2006. The crew First Class Pirates then merged with the crew Plank Tarts where he became a senior officer and diplomat.

In a time of transition he was chosen to be the Captain of the crew Plank Tarts, replacing the founding captain, Yoanne, in May 2007.

In October of 2007, he switched places with the King of Cold Steel, Rebootkid, assuming the role of king/monarch. Part of his goals during the time as king were to expand the number of alliances of Cold Steel and increase the flag fame. He was re-elected monarch of Cold Steel in January of 2008.

In January of 2008, he was the admiral of the successful defense of Wrasse Island by Cold Steel against the flag Riot. Previous blockade experience has included being blockade navigator in multiple blockades and vice-admiraling.

In May of 2008 he entered into what was thought to be total retirement to handle real life issues. In September 2008 he reversed this decision and returned as a full time contributor to Cold Steel.

In May 2009 he was selected by the flag to become the temporary king of Cold Steel.


Created for Luckyshot by Shortyjack