Phoenix Reborn

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Phoenix Reborn at a Glance
Midnight Ocean
Last Monarch Danilao of Cautious Crooks
Member crew(s) Cautious Crooks
Organization Oligarchic
Disbanded as of 24 June, 2007

Phoenix Reborn was a flag on the Midnight Ocean

Public Statement

The Phoenix is a mythical bird that periodically burned itself to death and emerged from the ashes as a new phoenix. To rise from the ashes like a phoenix is to overcome a seemingly insurmountable setback.

We believe in fun...we like to have fun...join us if you like fun, too! We've a truly scurvy bunch of old salts plus a few very new swabbie types, surely you fit in somewhere between them!

We welcome inquiries about becoming an ally, please speak to a royal before offering alliance.

Got a new crew? Get yer Rumored fame and we will welcome ye with open arms!


Truvie of Steel Magnolias


Lystramac of Sunk on Baileys, Spelunk of Steel Magnolias, Danilao of Cautious Crooks, Dona of The Tusken Raiders

Titled Members

Bunnee of Steel Magnolias, Snakeshed of Cautious Crooks, Neonmoon of Steel Magnolias, Overboard of Sunk on Baileys, Wilt of Steel Magnolias


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