Llama Lub Inn

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Llama Lub Inn
Left-facing Inn on
Cranberry Island (Ruby Archipelago)
Cerulean Ocean
Owner Mousebeard
Erected March 2005
Building-Cerulean-Llama Lub Inn.png

Llama Lub Inn is a left-facing inn on Cranberry Island. It was erected in March 2005 under the governance of the flag Trans-Atlantic Empire. The inn was originally given to Rugbyofficer of Notorious Fandango in an attempt by Trans-Atlantic Empire to prevent any blockades of Cranberry Island. In September 2005, it was purchased by those involved in the Cnossos Restoration Project, who then sold it to a group of Trans-Atlantic Empire members headed by Mousebeard a few short weeks later.

The presence of this inn and The Drunken Clam make Cranberry one of only three islands on Cerulean to contain two inns along with Cnossos Island and Zeta Island.

Llama Lub Inn continues the basic Cranberry Island naming scheme of animal and critter related names and puns. This building was named after the large camelid, the llama.