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This is a list of message furniture available.

Guest books allows visitors to leave their name and a short message. Each visitor is allowed up to three entries per day, in case their message won't fit on one line. The owner of the guestbook can remove any entry, and pirates can remove their own messages.

The large display stand allows its owner to write a medium-length message that will be shown when other pirates click on the furniture. The owner can change this message as many times as they like, it does not affect the furniture age.

The small display sign can be inscribed with a short message that will be visible to anyone in the scene; it doesn't have to be clicked on. The message can be changed as many times as needed, it does not affect the furniture age.

Historical notes

Prior to the addition of the furniture above, wrapped presents had to be used to create makeshift signs. Presents were purchased from the palace shoppe, inscribed with a message, and placed in-scene. Black boxes can also be used. These all have a limit of 100 characters. Unlike the small display sign, presents and boxes can only be inscribed once.

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