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Familiars Won

Lipsy is senior officer and wench of the crew Luminescent Dragonflies, and princess of the flag Deviant Behaviour.


Current Historical Information

She gained her experience on the Viridian Ocean in the crew Dark Legacy of the flag Shadow Company. Afterwards, she then joined the crew Dark Lotus with Captain Aadelynn.

Once Sage opened, she brought her experience to Sage and joined the crew Rum Runners as senior officer and first mate, as Captain Silver's right hand. Rum Runners joined the flag Wings of Fire led by Cannonball of Balls of Fire. After Captain Silver went dormant, Lipsy was left with the option of running the crew or merging. She decided to merge the crew with Balls of Fire, seeing as she wasn't ready to have the responsibility of a crew at that time in her pirate life. She remained as senior officer of Balls of Fire, and also reached royalty status in the flag.

After gaining the experience that she needed to start her own crew, she decided to leave and founded Thieves of the Sea with Barbadon, her past crewmate of BoF. Sashamorning joined the crew as well with her fleet of vessels. A week later, Lipsy helped found Heaven's Demons in February, 2006.

Lipsy has made many friends on Sage, which she holds dear to her heart. To name a few, Rodeb, Everclearboy, Ceraphim, Akerasi, Msmyers which is pretty much her entire hearties list (full). Along the way she has made enemies as well, and is inspired by the saying "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer!"

Lipsy doesn't like blockading much, mostly due to previous bad experiences. However she helps random flags by jobbing with her excellent gunning skills and of course flag broadcasts on her own flag for jobbers.

This blonde pirate has a fetish for portraits, (if pirates didn't know that already).


  • Former captain of the crew Luminescent Dragonflies


"Ransomed by Gretchen Goldfang to Lipsy on August 2, 2006"

~Won with the help of Nikolaas~

Item box unequip.png
Colors-trinket-Salt shaker.png
"Ransomed by Admiral Finius to Lipsy on October 15, 2006"

~Won without any help, all alone~

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Colors-trinket-Prestigious naval medal.png
"Ransomed by Admiral Finius to Lipsy on August 20, 2006"

~Won without any help, all alone~

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Colors-trinket-Porcelain cup.png


Lipsy is the owner of the following vessels:

Sloop dock.png
  • Care Bear Countdown
  • Devlish Dolphin
  • Merry Dolphin
  • Moody Dolphin
  • Thieving Dolphin
  • Waxing Dolphin
War brig dock.png
War Brig
  • Angelic Dolphin
Grand frigate dock.png
Grand frigate
  • Care Bear Stare
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