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Luminescent Dragonflies

From YPPedia

Luminescent Dragonflies at a Glance
Sage Ocean
Last Captain Sashamorning
Senior Officer(s) Bec, Ivanthered, Lipsy
Politics Oligarchic
Shares Even
Flag Affiliation Deviant Behaviour
Founded 11 February, 2006
dormant as of 3 March, 2012
Crews-Luminescent Dragonflies.jpg

Luminescent Dragonflies was formed as a rename of the crew Thieves of the Sea. It was founded on February 11, 2006 by Lipsy, Barbadon and Sashamorning. It is currently the flag crew in the flag Deviant Behaviour.

Public statement

We are Imperials for a reason!

We all work hard, devoted pirates that help each other out!

We are like family to each other... we care and respect each other. If ye are looking to be part of a close and loyal crew, let us know!

To get Promoted to a higher rank, here are the requirements:

Cabin Person: Have some experience with this game, and proof of experience (i.e. stats on here or another ocean).

Pirate: Ye must have NARROW in Carpentry, Bilge, Sails and Gunnery. Pirate badge! To be able to gun on pillages you must have a standing of Grand Master or higher. **If ye have the stats to make pirate upon joining we will promote you to pirate...all mates that get promoted to pirate, the Captain will purchase their pirate badge**

~We are NOT currently looking for any more officers at this time.~

Captain: If anything happens to me the Captain's hat gets passed down to the First Mate of the crew.


The making of this crew was a way for Lipsy and Barbadon to branch themselves off from their previous crew Balls of Fire. Little did they know that so many of BoF's officers would follow them on their venture. Luminescent Dragonflies are also the founders of Deviant Behaviour. This great crew of loving pirates has not been lower than sea lords since soon after founding, and have maintained imperial crew rank for much of its history.

After a long hiatus, Barbadon left the flag to pursue other interests.

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