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Kozzar is senior officer of the crew Spirit of the Caribbean and prince of the flag Illuminatti on the Emerald Ocean. He is the founder of his former crew, The Storm Patrol. Prior to the ocean merge Kozzar could be found on the former Hunter Ocean.

He has been long time on/off prince of the flag Illuminatti. He was also a prince of the flags Delirium and Functioning Failure, both of which he is also a founder. In 2017 and 2018 respectively, he would a prince in the flags Dead In The Water and Cluster Service.

Some of his favorite things to do in the game are pillage, kraken hunt, and blockade with his friends. Kozzar has worked as an XO, battle navigator, Jobbing Contact, Land Admiral, and Board Admiral in blockades.

Some of his greatest achievements in the game include...

  • Achieving Ultimate standing in the Weaving, Battle Navigation, and Patching puzzles
  • Becoming a Prince in the flag Illuminatti.
  • Becoming an Admiral in the navy.
  • Achieving #1 in the Weaving and Battle Navigation puzzles