Millie (Viridian)

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Millie (Viridian)

Millie began her pirate and officer career under the great Captain Minimoose in The Goodship Lollypops, a mighty fine crew, where she first met many great hearties, including Margain, Saffire and Asran. Millie, Margain and Asran independently joined Queen Anne's Revengaok as senior officers. A short time later, Millie, Margain and Asran independently returned to The Goodship Lollypops as a senior officers.

On 9/11/05 Margain and Millie decided it was time for a new crew, hence the first breath of the Ocean Raiders, with Margain as captain, Millie as first mate, and Asran as senior officer.

Upon researching many, many flags, Margain and Millie chose to fly under the flag of The Armada of Angels after meeting the kind and great King Amantino, who has since become a dear friend. Millie served as royal and then as Minister of Internal Affairs. In the Armada of Angels Millie met so many wonderful hearties, along with her best friend Rudoc.

Due to real life Margain needed a game time holiday, at which time Millie served as captain of the Ocean Raiders. Ocean Raiders birthed a new flag Wrath of Krios and Millie became queen. At this time Millie stepped down from captain of Ocean Raiders in order to put full efforts into their new flag. Soon afterwards Ocean Raiders missed their friends at The Armada of Angels so much that they happily returned. The Ocean Raiders have been graced with many fantastic captains, including Blaargh, Minimoose and Asran. Ocean Raiders currently stands Eminent and #17 in crew fame.

Once again the Ocean Raiders decided to form a new flag, La Dolce Vita, in which Millie humbly serves as queen. Many great pirates have come together in which to pledge their support to the success of La Dolce Vita, a true family of experienced pirates. La Dolce Vita currently stands Illustrious and #3 in flag fame.

After many battles, on October 29, 2006 Millie honorably received a battle scar and is now missing an eye.

Contributions and achievements


  • Former senior officer of The Goodship Lollypops and Queen Anne’s Revengaok
  • Former senior officer and first mate of Ocean Raiders
  • Former captain of Ocean Raiders
  • Once again senior officer and first mate of Ocean Raiders


  • Former royal and minister of internal affairs of The Armada of Angels
  • Former queen of Wrath of Krios
  • Queen of La Dolce Vita