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Jji is a fleet officer and drunk of the crew Nefarious Miscreants and a member of the flag Infamous Rapscallions on the Malachite Ocean. He is an avid trader and PvP'er , and not half bad a some of the puzzles.

Contributions and Accomplishments

  • Formerly of Viridian where his past is a mystery to his current crew. We think he murdered someone.
  • Taught the crew how to buy dubs and badges, use /mute, and dnd.
  • Won his first color familiar in the 2008 Yuletide Bake-off Duty Navigation Competition
  • Won his second color familiar in the 2009 Survey Says Competition


Jji washed ashore on the Cobalt Ocean many moons ago. After a short time there, he found himself frustrated by the lack of advancement possible, since he knew he wouldn't be paying to play. After a month, he learned of the dub oceans, and soon moved to the Viridian Ocean. With some experience under his belt, he mastered several puzzles, and fairly quickly earned the title of First Mate in a crew captained by Locoono. After that crew merged with another crew, Jji found himself rather unhappy, and eventually set out in search of a new crew. He joined Command and Conquer and spent quite some time in that crew. Eventually, he felt the need for a new challenge, and having and after dubscribing, moved to Midnight. Upon arriving, he had a stroke of luck and jobbed onto a pillage run by the Nefarious Miscreants. He enjoyed a couple of months with Dexla, Spinbad, and other crewmembers too numerous to list, but soon found himself faced with a choice. The majority of the Nefarious Miscreants switched to Malachite when it opened, but Jji was unsure if he wanted to leave Midnight, having just arrived there 3 months past. After some deliberation, he realized it wasn't so much the ocean but the crew he had been enjoying so much the last few months, and so he packed up once again and moved to Malachite.

In January of 2009, Spinbad stepped down as Captain, leaving the job in Jji's hands. At some time Ladyfiona took over from him.