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Jasmilla is a feisty pirate who will never back down from a challenge, unless her sword happens to have just crumbled!

She loves shopping, though rarely has enough pieces of eight to buy anything, and is saving for a wardrobe to stop her clothes crumbling!

She specialises in Sailing, and if you find her on a ship thats what she'll be doing! She also enjoys a game of Hearts or good ol' fashioned Drinking down at the Inn.

Hunter Ocean

Jasmilla washed upon the shores of Chachapoya Island. She lives in the in the Adobe Abode and has spent what little money she has painting her shack aqua and blue. Jasmilla is a Pirate in the crew El Cielo Azul of the flag Castigo Final.

Sage Ocean

She has also just washed up on the shores of Wensleydale on the Sage Ocean. It is less common to find Jasmilla on these waters but you will mostly likely find her Jobbing for a crew.