Release 2006-10-17

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Event Blockades and Trophies

From the Release Notes:
  • Event Blockades - Governors of islands can now start special event blockades with a multitude of options.
  • Blockade Pay - A new system is in place so monarchs can set up normal jobbing offers for blockades and automate payment to jobbers.
  • Trophies - Pirates are now awarded for a variety of exceptional (and sometimes not-so-exceptional) achievements! Note: Trophies will not be awarded for past accomplishments.
  • New Info Pages - The pirate, crew, and flag pages have been given a face lift.
  • Portrait Mission - If ye have bought clothes, check the mission board for a chance to get yer portrait painted for free.
  • Shared Hearties - Ye can now display yer hearties on yer pirate page. Ye have the option of showing all, none, or yer best mates. If ye have a hearty ye want to be keeping secret, mark them as such, and neither of you will show up on either mate's page. If either person marks the relationship as secret, neither will show up on either's page. All existing relationships have been flagged as secret, any new ones default to non-secret. (The limit has also been raised to 150 hearties!)
  • Named Familiars - Those little critters on yer shoulders can now be named, which displays them on yer pirate page. Be careful, though: only the first naming is free.
  • Greeters - Changes have been made to the greeter recruitment process. See the YPPedia page about greeters for more details.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed the carpentry bug! The bug where a sparkly hammer was giving booched duty reports has been squashed! There's still a glitch where carpentry occasionally get stuck at "Nice Work", and we're looking into that one.
    • Fixed problem where rooms would get stuck thinking someone was furnishing them.