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Icecool is a pirate that sails the Hunter Ocean. He is captain and ambassador of the crew Booty Kings and lord of the flag Beyond the veil.


Icecool started his life on the Hunter Ocean with a crew called -unamed- where after a couple of months he was promoted to the rank of senior officer and made a prince of their flag at the time, -Multi Nations-.

He left -unamed- to make his own crew called Booty Kings and his own flag called Cold As Ice (which no longer exists). His crew joined The Black Pearl but was only there for a couple of weeks. Following that he joined Beyond the veil (who now govern Alkaid Island, where Wayan made him prince before Wayan mysteriously disappeared and the Skull Bashers (Wayan's crew) disbanded.

Icecool was left to make himself monarch of Beyond the Veil. As Cairna remade Skull Bashers, he made Cairna monarch of the flag. Icecool saw that as being the best for himself and Beyond the Veil. Then Cairna made Kenchio monarch. Then after a couple of weeks, Icecool was made lord of the flag insted of prince.

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