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Highsea is a pirate on the Viridian Ocean. He started playing on July 22nd of 2006. He belongs to the crew Affluence in which he holds the title of card sharp . Currently he is one of the best senior officers in the crew.


When Highsea first started playing this game he was first hired by Muggz. Later he became officer in a crew, then run by Smelter which was named Monkey Madness. Eventually he again moved on and did some crew hopping. He eventually met Crazycomet who made him a senior officer in the crew, The Demons of Rogoriz. Eventually Instantflash took over and the demise of that crew was it merged with Dark Dynasty which was run by Goonieag.

Later he joined the crew Affluence which was run by Exquisites. He then moved on to join the crew Blood Brokers run by Bannanabrain which eventually merged into the crew Crotch Shot.

Other Oceans

Highsea is also present on other oceans. However, he prefers to mainly play on Viridian.

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