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Hide and Seek

From YPPedia

For the former crew of the same name, see Hide and Seek (Sage).

Hide and seek is a game often played by crew mates or hearties. Hide and seek is not one of YPP's official puzzles. Instead, it is the classic childhood game, but played while in-character and in-game.


Hide and seek is often played on an uninhabited island that has many trees. The person who is "it" starts counting for the agreed amount of time. When they are done, they look for the other pirates who are hiding (usually among the trees). When the person who is "it" finds the other people, they must send them a trade request (since that is one of the commands you can't use in a command). Once found, the revealed hider will wait until all of the other hiders have been found.

What is not allowed

Usually any /who or /cwho commands are strictly forbidden if the pirate are hiding inside a building. If they are hiding outside, the /who command will simply say "Outside".

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