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Grumbles is senior officer of the crew Lunar Madness.



  • First played YPP in early January 2004, hated it, deleted pirate.
  • Rejoined with new pirate name a few days later
  • First crew Emerald Raiders of Crimson Tide
  • For a time, was princess of CT
  • Briefly captain of ER and Queen of LXP when ER left CT
  • Joined The Prophets in December 2004
  • When The Prophets folded, Dali asked Grumbles to join Lunar Madness and manage Chaparral


  • Memorized all charted routes in Midnight Ocean and a few of the uncharted ones as well.
  • Took over #1 Midnight ocean-wide Sailing experience rating from Tigerlily in early September 2004. At the time, Angrychair commented, "you know you have sailed more than anyone else in the history of YPP" (little did he know how much more sailing Grumbles would do). Briefly lost it a few times mostly to Morada in early to mid-2005, but has maintained #1 rating since then.
  • Holds #5 Midnight ocean-wide Navigation experience rating.
  • Owns or manages one of the largest numbers of shops and stalls on the Midnight Ocean
  • Owns the largest fleet of Cod ships on the Midnight Ocean

Contributions and Awards

Shop Keeping

  • Grumbles's Distilling Stall on Oyster Island
  • Grumbles's Apothecary Stall on Xi Island
  • Grumbles's Weaving Stall on Turtle Island
  • Thor's Hammer and Tong on Xi Island
  • Grumbles's Distilling Stall on Xi Island
  • Fort Asylum on Chaparral Island
  • Moonshine Mayhem on Chaparral Island
  • Grumbles's Distilling Stall on Alpha Island
  • Grumbles's Distilling Stall on Epsilon Island
  • Grumbles's Ironworking Stall on Papaya Island
  • Grumbles's Apothecary Stall on Turtle Island
  • Grumbles's Weaving Stall on Oyster Island
  • Dye Another Day on Namath Island
  • Grumbles's Weaving Stall on Namath Island
  • Grumbles's Tailoring Stall on Namath Island
  • Hades Harmory on Sakejima (Cobalt Ocean)
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