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Gloninduil was a senior officer of the crew Pirates Revenge sailing the Viridian Ocean.

His character has since gone dormant, or has been deleted.

Career and History

Gloninduil was an Irish Pirate. He started playing Puzzle Pirates as Legolasx in 2004 and was a fleet officer in the crew Pirates Revenge, while Cyberguy was captain, followed shortly by Sanne and then Passiflora. He made the pirate Gloninduil and had played him ever since. Then he was a senior officer in Pirates Revenge again.

He loved a good pillage and the odd trip to Atlantis. When he wasn't pillaging he was at Lima Island carousing with friends and enemies. He enjoyed nothing more than to take in the pot at a game of poker, win a few brawls or socialize with his hearties.

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